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Information for link partners

Our home page (PR 5) gets over 300,000 hits per year - exchange links with us! 

What types of links are we looking for?

  • Links with educational content and interesting information concerning the subjects we teach and other self-development, holistic, cultural, intellectual, and scholarly sites.

  • Links to resources and publications that are useful for students and researchers.

  • Links to sites set up by our alumni, adjunct faculty and educational affiliates.

  • Links to professional associations and bodies.

  • Links to sites of complementary medicine practitioners etc provided they contain some educational content and a reciprocal link is made.

  • Other links may be considered at our discretion.

Tips for reciprocal links

  • If you are offering a local service, ensure that your link description etc. contains your CITY and COUNTRY. Remember we have world-wide site visitors. If they are looking for a service locally and can't identify your location instantly, they won't click on your site! Conversely, if you are where they are, mentioning your location will attract clicks!  Note to our American friends: please don't assume that we or most site visitors are in the USA! 

What types of links do we NOT want?

  • "Slippery" links that force us to put your banner or link on our home page so that our visitors can immediately be diverted to YOUR page. If you do this, consider revising your link policy to make it more site-friendly!  We would rather not clutter our home page with many links and banners.

  • Links to pages that are purely advertising or selling products (unless we agree to market the product through an affiliate scheme, if it fits our image.)

  • Free-for-all link sites

  • Content farms

  • General internet directories

  • Links to competitor colleges and universities - also education portals that divert our traffic

  • Announcements of new products or new books or any time-limited announcements

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical supplies

  • Vitamin, mineral, herbal and complementary medicine supplies

  • Cosmetic surgery

  • Other surgery and medical tourism

  • Claims to "cure" diseases

  • Slimming products

  • Psychic readings, astrology or fortune-telling

  • Gambling

  • MLM

  • Financial services, loans, cash for gold

  • General travel and tourism

  • Money-making schemes

  • Misleading link titles or site names

  • "Teaser" sites whose product is not clear

  • Sites promoting religious extremism, hatred, racism, violence and bigotry

  • Evangelical and missionary sites

  • Conspiracy theories

  • other sites of an undesirable nature (think of stuff you wouldn't want your kids or your mother to see) - we do not even want to mention those site categories here as even using the words can get this site thrown off some link collections!

Other information and disclaimers

  • A link to any site does not indicate endorsement of the site or services or products sold.  Please take normal consumer precautions.

  • We have included in our links pages many links that will interest our visitors. Permission has not been sought from all site owners to include their links, as we are offering valuable free publicity. If any webmaster wishes to remove his/her site from our listings, please send a removal request to Please send any requests for corrections to the same address.

Your site descriptions

  • If we add your link we reserve the right to edit the site description you give us and to put the link in the page of our choice.  Site descriptions should stress the informational content of the site.

Reasons for rejecting your link

  • Our decision will be final.   Reasons for rejection include:

  • Obviously unsuitable category

  • Products of doubtful value

  • You have said that you have already placed a link to us on your site, but it can't be found or you have removed it  (it can take several months for us to act on a link exchange request due to the number of requests received)

  • Request has come from an SEO expert without market knowledge and not from the webmaster or site owner

  • Request has been automatically generated

  • Request shows no understanding of appropriate categories

  • You have said our links page must have a specific PR category

  • Your site has too many ads and low-quality links that are not moderated

  • Our link on your site would just go to the bottom of a long list

  • Your site does not have an appropriate links page or section (please create one before requesting links!)

  • Your links page is very hard to find

  • Your site is part of a group of directory pages just created for ranking purposes but without any serious content


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