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Calamus International University distance degrees in hypnotherapy (non-UK degrees awarded by Calamus International University, Republic of Vanuatu)

American Institute of Hypnotherapy / American Board of Hypnotherapy

Centre Training International School of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Jacob Bimblich (New York)

Henry Leo Bolduc

Shaun Brookhouse, Ph.D.

Clinical hypnotherapy society
International Spanish language clinical hypnotherapists association

Clinical hypnosis directory
International Spanish language clinical hypnotherapists directory

Clinical hypnosis college
International Spanish language clinical hypnosis college

Conversational Hypnosis

Create a Better You, Therapeutic Hypnosis in the Santa Monica area

Sandro de Rosa                                                                                                                     

The Developing Company
Professional development courses including the therapeutic metaphor of David Grove and Symbolic Modelling

Dr Ron DeVasto

Elevated Therapy - Michael G Millett  

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

Eos Seminars

Erickson Foundation     

Erickson on Behaviour Online

Essential Skills - NLP persuasion skills training

European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

Finding True Magic

G.O.R.I.L.L.A. is a forum for resistance to professionalisation in the world of psychotherapy. Contains archive of scholarly argument widening the debate on professionalisation, and material on or by groups developing non-mainstream ways of taking responsibility for psycho-practice. Also contains valuable articles on transpersonal psychology and other therapy-related topics.

Dave Green

Steven Harold's Advanced Hypnotherapy in London web site for hypnotherapy,
healing hypnosis, NLP, EFT and much more !

Mr. Laszlo Harasztosi, a.k.a Lazlo Hypnotist the Guinness World Recorder a
spiritual Energy and has ability of healing by touching, curing various
illnesses and performing Paraphenomen-Magnetic Energy and Hypnosis
shows.healer a well-known Hungarian Paraphenomen using Human Magnetic

'Human Potential Technology'. Nathan Marika.
Human Potential Technology, 1-2-1 Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and relaxation audio CDs, self-help forum, free hypnosis audio files.

Human Trinity Hypnotherapy

Hypgroove - The Hypnosis, Personal Development and NLP Social Network

Directory listing of professional hypnotists in USA

HypnoGenesis - On-Line Magazine
Major directory of practitioners and resources - free listings - must visit


Hypnosis Directory


Hypnosis Motivation Institute (California)

Hypnosis Online Now

Hypnosis UK

Hypnosis for Childbirth Research

Hypnosis for Health - San Francisco

Hypnosis Online: Information and Links for Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Today


Hypnotherapy Articles

Hypnotherapy Regulation
Site of the Working Group for Hypnotherapy Regulation

The Hypnotherapy Society

Hypnotherapy DVDs - unique visual hypnosis by Imagine Me Media
Powerful Hypnotherapy DVD's and MP3's to help change the way you really think about yourself. Gain Confidence, Improve Self Esteem and Overcome Phobias and bad habits like smoking and overeating.

Hypnotherapy Training Institute (Santa Rosa, CA)

Hypnotherapy - UNISA Library pages

Hypnotic Journaling

Hypnotism Education (Wayne F. Perkins)

ICHP Deutschland - hypnotherapy training in Germany  
Ausbildung in klin. Hypnosetherapie

IDEA Seminars

David C.F. Iles

International Board for Regression Therapy

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Also at this site is the Infinity Institute

International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists

Investigating Stage Hypnosis

Institute for Therapeutic Learning

ITS Training

James Braid Society

London College of Clinical Hypnosis

Alan A. McCool

Morganic Hypnotherapy and PsychotherapyA Free Information and Learning Site

Elevated Therapy - Michael G Millett
Elevated Therapy ~ Hypnosis, Past life, Metaphysics and MORE... Find out about old, new and forgotten ways of being and Live a Different Life!

Erickson (Behaviour Online forum)

Del Hunter Morrill, M.S., Counseling Hypnotherapist
Author of the GREAT ESCAPES script books
and the NEW BEGINNINGS recording series, at
TRANSITIONS, a Center for Counseling &  Hypnosis
and home of New Beginnings Publishing
Located in Tacoma, Washington USA
(253) 383-5757; (888) 663-5757 (toll free)

National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (USA)

National Guild of Hypnotists


N-SHAP (National School of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy)
School of Ericksonian Hypnosis

George Nursey, Hypno Dot Therapy

Joseph O'Connor (NLP & Health)

Omni Hypnosis Training Center (USA)

Pathways, A Center for Body Mind & Spirit

The home page of Donald Hood CHt, CDP, Certified Hypnotherapist in USA specialising in past-life regression and spiritual applications of hypnotherapy

The Performance Partnership Ltd

Pnosis Magazine (on-line hypnosis magazine)

The Proudfoot School of Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Power Journeys Hypnosis (Los Angeles) 

Quantum Referral Marketing
How to Build Your Hypnosis Practice Without Spending a Penny on Advertising!

Regressive Hypnosis Italian Society
Via de la Birra, 13-CAP 40132- Bologna, Italy. Phone number : 0039 051 384800 ; e-mail: 

Ellen Rogers
Certified Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master in Florida specialising in past life regression and metaphysical work

Stage Hypnotist SZELES (including worldwide hypnosis links)

Successful Hypnotherapy

Unique hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy training in the UK with the International Association of Hypno-analysts.

Therapy Index

Therapy World

The U.K. Hypnosis Directory

Ultra Hypnosis Ltd.

UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO)

The Washington School of Clinical & Advanced Hypnosis (UK)
also at this site is NLP Associates Ltd


Working Group for Hypnotherapy Regulation

Hypnotherapist Register

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