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Index of Transpersonal Psychology Course Units
(including Thanatology, Bereavement/Grief Counselling)

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essential notes about our course unit listings

Legacy units – an explanation:   The vast majority of units are textbook-based.  Textbooks often go out of print and then we need to decide whether to still offer the unit. If the unit still has academic or practical value, it will be retained as a “legacy” unit. This means that if the student does not have a copy, he/she will need to obtain one on the used book market, which is easy for people in most countries because of the major Internet bookstores. If the book is republished, the “legacy” tag will be removed, and if a new edition of the book appears, the unit will be reinstated using the new edition wherever possible. This use of the word “legacy” to mean “available in older editions only” stems from its use referring to computer software.   If a book is out of print and we judge it to be outdated and/or no longer of value, the unit will be withdrawn.

Live links will be added to the course titles listed below when on-line descriptions are available. Those units will be flagged LIVE LINK .


PSY250     3 credits     Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling

PSY692     3 credits     Multiple Personality with Imaginary Languages

TPS501      3 credits    Person-Centred Enquiry into the Spiritual & Subtle

PAR505     3 credits     Activating your Psychic Potential

TPS211      3 credits    Transpersonal Healing of Family Patterns (legacy)

XPS202     3 credits     Studies in Eastern/Western Meditation (legacy)

XPS205     3 credits     Introduction to Psychosynthesis

XPS206     3 credits     Visions & Techniques of Psychosynthesis

XPS207     3 credits     Culture and background of Psychosynthesis

XPS208     3 credits     Psychology of Shamanism (legacy)

XPS209     3 credits     Varieties of Psychedelic Experience

XPS211     3 credits     Psychosis and Spirituality

XPS212     3 credits     Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling

XPS213     3 credits     Archetype and Self

XPS215     3 credits     Therapy for Spirit Attachments

XPS216     3 credits     Psychic Protection for Healers & Therapists

XPS217     3 credits     Psychology, Spirit and Swedenborg (legacy)

XPS218     3 credits     Spiritual Breakthroughs and Emergencies (legacy)

XPS219     3 credits     Readings in Spiritual Emergency

XPS220     3 credits     Attachment, Addiction and Spirituality

XPS221     4.5 credits  The Practice of Jung's Psychology (legacy)

XPS223     3 credits     Prenatal, Perinatal & Transpersonal Experiences (legacy)

XPS224     3 credits     Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Inner Exploration

XPS225     3 credits     Birth, Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy (legacy)

XPS228     3 credits     Towards the Superconscious

XPS229     3 credits     Inner Alignment Through Dreams

XPS230     3 credits     Jung, Cayce and Dream Self-Awareness (legacy)

XPS231     3 credits     Jungian Dream Interpretation

XPS301     3 credits     Jungian Principles in Everyday Life

XPS302     3 credits     Theory and Practice of Transpersonal Psychotherapy

XPS303    3 credits      Psychology of Self-Actualization

XPS309     3 credits     Ego, Archetype and the Religious Psyche

XPS310     3 credits     A Psychology of Soul-Making

XPS311     3 credits     Jung: Mapping the Soul

XPS312     3 credits     Character and the Soul

XPS 313    3 credits     Ken Wilber’s Integral Vision

XPS314     3 credits     Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality

XPS315     3 credits     Ken Wilber’s Integral Psychology

Other relevant units may be found under Hypnotherapy, Contemporary Spirituality, Regression and Reincarnation Studies, Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Shamanistic Studies and other areas.


THT101      3 credits     On Death and Dying

THT102      3 credits     Death, The Final Stage of Growth

THT103      3 credits     A Memoir of Living and Dying

THT105      3 credits     Death and Bereavement: Interdisciplinary Approach

THT106      3 credits     Bereavement: Coping with the Practical Tasks (UK only)

THT107      3 credits     Living with Death and Dying

THT108      3 credits     Lessons From Mortality

THT109      3 credits     Recovery from Death of a Loved One

THT201      3 credits     Grief Counselling in Mental Health Practice

THT202      3 credits     Death & Dying: Cultural and Professional Studies

THT203      3 credits     The Five Stages of Loss

THT204      3 credits     A Grief Recovery Programme

THT205      3 credits     The Healing Power of After-Death Communication

THT206      3 credits     Loss of a Partner: A Practical Guide

THT301      3 credits     Spirituality and Healing in Life and Death

THT302      3 credits     Grief and the Afterlife

THT304      3 credits     Counselling in Terminal Care and Bereavement

THT305      3 credits     Grief in Adult Life

THT306      3 credits     Effects of Death on Child Development

THT377      3 credits     A Child's Journey Through Loss

THT401      3 credits     Mortality and the Unconscious Mind

MET217      3 credits    Watching with the Dying - Celtic Thanatology

Other units relevant to Thanatology may exist in other study areas – your academic advisor will help you select appropriate units.

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