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Affiliate Schools of Calamus International University  (Republic of Vanuatu)

Calamus International University, founded in the British West Indies and now registered in Vanuatu, operates mainly through its affiliate schools for whom it is an awarding body.

The distance learning operations of the University are based in the United Kingdom under the management of Calamus Extension College Ltd, which coordinates communications with a network of CIU adjunct faculty and academic advisors and handles enrolments.

AFFILIATED SCHOOLS are independent schools or training bodies who run courses leading to Calamus International University credit or awards, or who contribute educational expertise in some other way. Apart from Calamus Extension College Ltd., affiliate schools are only authorised to answer queries regarding the specific courses that they run. They are not general agents for Calamus Extension College Ltd. (UK) or Calamus International University (Vanuatu).

The following providers of courses and/or educational services are affiliated with Calamus International University, Republic of Vanuatu:


UK and Ireland

Anglo Zulu War Historical Society logo

The Anglo Zulu War Historical Society, Tenterden, Kent, UK, a CIU-affiliated institution which runs the CIU-validated/awarded distance degree programmes in South African History. Please apply direct to the Society for degree courses in South African History and Anglo Zulu War Studies  The AZWHS has been affiliated with Calamus International University ever since CIU was founded in the British West Indies in 2001.




UK College of Holistic Training banner
affiliated with Calamus International University

VIDLA - Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy

VIDLA – Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy offers courses & training in contemporary voice and singing, with credit towards CIU (non-UK) degree programmes in Contemporary Voice.  Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy (VIDLA), Dalton House, 60, Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR, U.K.  Telephone 0208 938 3626. Email:  


Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland logo

INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT IRELAND  - CIU has finalised an affiliation with this Irish-based international professional body that provides training in Tourism and Hospitality for students in various countries in conjunction with local study centres. Some of these programmes will lead to access to Calamus International University (non-UK) degrees in Travel and Tourism or Hospitality management, accredited by the IHMI.


Other countries (outside UK and Ireland)


If you have an enquiry about possible affiliation with Calamus International University, or about any local college or representative outside the UK and Ireland claiming affiliation with Calamus International University, please contact with full details of your query.



For further details of registration and status of Calamus International University see the about and status pages of this website.


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