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June 2017:  This ABD completion programme is closing down and all doctorates must be completed/awarded by September 2017. We are only accepting late applications from students with sufficient credit (ABD) and a thesis/dissertation ready or almost ready to present. Contact us on stating your field of study for urgent enquiries.


Calamus is a specialist in finding nontraditional routes to completing your Ph.D. (and, in some cases, other doctorates especially alternative degrees.)  Non-US readers: please note that ABD is an American term. Whether or not you studied in the USA, we will be happy to discuss the possibility of completing an interrupted Ph.D. or other doctorate through us.


Honorary doctorate applications also invited.


Have you abandoned your Ph.D studies for one of the following reasons:

  • Run out of time?

  • Run out of money?

  • Relocated?

  • Supervisor resigned or college shut down?

  • Dissertation topic not approved and unable to reach agreement?

  • Personal problems?


Completing your Ph.D. with a "regionally accredited" university might not be possible any longer because of time constraints, or the sheer expense of meeting tuition fees in today's climate of continuing recession. Some solutions being offered in the USA include completion with a non-regionally-accredited bible college. Some bible colleges have even changed their names to attract non-theological students. However, not everyone wants a degree from a  religious or a fundamentalist university, especially if your beliefs are different.


We appreciate that for many fields of employment it is a matter of having a fully accredited degree or no Ph.D. at all. However, many people who are freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals will be satisfied with a nontraditional (ie. not regionally accredited) doctorate.


Also, many professionals have fulfilled the educational requirements of their profession, having a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree plus specialist qualifications and whatever licences they need. They simply want the satisfaction of having that special Ph.D. status. Some have said to us that at last, they were able to achieve their educational goals through us.


The other category of students wanting to complete a Ph.D. has been people who have amassed a wealth of professional knowledge throughout their careers but who never followed a mainstream educational route. Now, facing retirement or actually retired, they wish to turn their minds to independent study and convert their lifetime's knowledge, experience and wisdom into that coveted doctorate. They wish to study for the personal satisfaction rather than academic recognition. Often they have a partly-completed independent project which can be written up as a dissertation. In many cases, we can help.


We can transfer university credit without time limit. We can also advise you on the possibility of transferring non-university credit. If you need to fill in gaps we can offer various home study units subject to availability.


Most of our doctoral completion students work independently and do not need close supervision. If your partly completed dissertation is out of date, we might be able to suggest how to make suitable amendments.


Our Ph.D. completion programs are totally by distance learning so there is no attendance requirement.




The main fields we can offer (subject to availability and acceptance) are: counseling psychology, transpersonal psychology and consciousness, management, spirituality and religious studies, wellness studies and complementary therapies, hypnotherapy, life coaching, and parapsychology.




However, provided that you have a suitable independent project to write up OR that we can provide a suitable advisor via our network of adjunct faculty and external academic consultants, we can often assist with various other fields. (Please note though that we cannot award degrees in medical fields or laboratory-based sciences.) If your field is medical-related we can sometimes suggest an alternative major such as public health or wellness studies.


Calamus International University, which is registered outside the US and UK, has been offering ABD completion to deserving candidates since 2001.




Providing you have sufficient transfer credit, we can usually offer you the chance to have your Calamus degree recognised in the USA via a parallel US "equivalence" award. Details will be given to candidates that we are interested in accepting. This arrangement may be satisfactory in many cases and is a popular solution.



We are now considering special arrangements for two categories of candidate who may not have conventional qualifications for entry to a Ph.D.:


(i) Retired/senior citizens who have had successful careers but have not had a traditional university education. They may also have studied a subject independently for many years without taking any qualifications. Such candidates often want the Ph.D. for personal satisfaction and do not wish to use it for career or academic purposes. In such cases we may suggest an interim award of an M.Univ. (Master of the University) degree, an honorary degree which will then qualify them for admission to a PhD. program to be completed by an independent dissertation or equivalent.


(ii) Persons whose field of study is within the New Age, New Thought, Metaphysical, Esoteric and alternative spiritual/holistic areas covering subjects which are not taught at mainstream colleges. Please contact us for individual advice. We can accept transfer credit from metaphysical colleges. We may be able to accept suitable candidates direct to Ph.D. 

Just as some people do not want degrees from bible colleges, others do not want their metaphysical degree to come from a "church" and prefer a university or college name. Our programs can offer more flexibility than some church-based metaphysical degrees.


Note: all degrees are awarded by Calamus International University, which is a non-UK and non-US private distance learning university registered and incorporated in the republic of Vanuatu. Degrees are accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning, and admissions and academic administration are based in the UK.


ABD or direct-to-PhD enquiries? contact today


ABD Admissions are now being processed by UK College of Holistic Training on behalf of CIU

Contact details:

Dept. ABD

UK College of Holistic Training
27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AX,
United Kingdom

(This address is for correspondence only. Personal callers cannot be dealt with at this address.)


Web site:

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